Why David Boehm Of The Hub Believes In Giving Back

A Note From David

DAVID BOEHM Co-Founder and CEO of MHG.

Our first Medical Centre has been established in Bangkok in partnership with Dr. Johannes Wessolly of Ludwigsburg, Germany and the facility was officially opened on Sunday May 6.

Dr. Wessolly was referred to me over five years ago has a doctor who has been developing and using innovative and disruptive medical techniques in order to maximise the efficacy of one’s own immune system.

The overall aim is to reduce or even eliminate the negative impact of the toxins and pollutants that we must endure living in this modern world. As you would well appreciate, humankind has not evolved sufficiently quickly to enable us to fight these medical battles without assistance – hence the well reported dramatic recent increases in cardiovascular disease, cancer and other ailments.

I have now been patient of Dr. Wessolly for over 5 years and in that time I have experienced a major improvement in my overall health and well-being. Not only that, I (touchwood) don’t get sick. This is all the more remarkable considering that I am now 61 years of age, I work too hard and I travel too frequently, I don’t always get enough sleep and sometimes I overindulge in good wine.

Whilst our good Doctor has not always been popular with the traditional medical establishment (as is the case with any disruptor), Dr. Wessolly’s treatments have proved hugely popular with his patients to the extent that he now has a “closed” practice in Ludwigsburg and does not accept new patients, other than sometimes those referred form existing patients. He just does not have the time to consider and treat more patients. Not only that, Dr. Wessolly receives an increasing number of requests from prospective patients based in Asia, and China in particular.

Having been a beneficiary of these medical techniques, in 2016 I entered into discussions with Dr. Wessolly with a view to bring his expertise directly to Asia. The culmination of these discussions is the MHG partnership. Consequently, MHG is now in the position to offer exactly the same analyses and treatments as a patient would receive if they visited the original clinic in Germany. We have recruited excellent well qualified Thai doctors (who have trained with Dr. Wessolly in Germany) to work in our Center in Bangkok. Dr. Wessolly himself will visit MHG to see patients in Bangkok approximately every 6-8 weeks however Dr. Wessolly will personally review the initial test results of very patient to ensure that their individual treatment protocols are exactly in line with his practices.

The signature products of Dr. Wessolly are his custom developed infusions of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are tailored to the individual patient. These infusions are already available to our patients in Bangkok. These exclusive infusions are a vital part of building one’s immune system to enable us to combat the ravages of the modern world, and are complemented with MHG’s own daily vitamin & mineral supplements, again tailored to each individual.

Even though our primary target market is China, we established our first Medical Centre in Bangkok because firstly Thailand has a long history of providing medical tourism at a high-level, secondly there are well-qualified & open-minded medical professionals who are keen to work with an innovative practice such as MHG, and finally of course the costs are considerably lower that if one opened in say, Hong Kong.

As I mentioned, our target demographic is businesspeople in Asia probably over 40 years of age (and their families) who are concerned about their health and want to live with a high quality of life well into their ripe old-age. Probably you can sense that this has become a huge passion of mine, primarily because MHG can I believe deliver better health outcomes to our customers than traditional modern medical practice, where doctors are trained to either medicate or operate.

We have a number of initiatives currently under development including health apps, regular health & wellness podcasts for our members, etc. etc. We are also working with a German “Full Professor and Chair in Stem Cell Biology” to bring his exclusive rejuvenation therapy to MHG, which we will offer to our clients from November 2018. The Professor has developed a ground breaking technology that activates, harnesses and orchestrates the body's own systems to repair and regenerate.

Until now, stem cell science has focused on removing stem cells to work with them outside the body, or using foreign stem cells from plants and animals. The Professor’s technology works with the body's own stem cells, activating them in situ, boosting them, and committing them to generate the correct, healed tissue.

In summary for preventative health, anti-aging and wellness that whilst being somewhat higher in terms of pricing (but still excellent value), you won’t find any better care than what we offer at MHG.