Cancer Recovery Program

A comprehensive range of diagnostic screening, latest immunotherapies and patent therapies

The Miskawaan Health Group Cancer Recovery Program

Our luxurious facility on the beautiful Thai tropical island of Koh Samui is the perfect location for you to heal from cancer. We invite anyone who is currently in remission or feels they are at high risk from developing cancer to join. Following your cancer treatment, whether you have starting the healing through our MHG natural approach or you are someone who has undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, it is now time to rebuild the immune system to prevent cancer from returning. Our Koh Samui facility is a beachfront medical center complete with private villas, pools, gym, yoga sala and plenty of areas to rest and recuperate. Our whole body, holistic approach includes the latest immunotherapies, safe detox therapies, exercise, personalized anti-cancer diet, emotional wellbeing therapy and health education.

How We Get Cancer

When you have cancer and chronic diseases, your immune system is inactive, suppressed or totally collapsed. This can come from lifestyle factors such as poor diet, being overweight, tobacco use, stress, environmental toxins, dental hygiene, and consumption of alcohol which are all risk factors that collectively contribute to the development of cancers.


A Functional Medicine and Traditional Medicine View of Cancer Recovery

The functional medicine model supports the whole person by taking into account the following elements; physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and spiritual factors. MHG uses optimal nutrition, targeted supplementation, innovative therapies, detoxification and mind-body practices to support the immune system. This allows your body to recover from invasive treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery and prevent cancer from coming back. Many natural therapies can have an anti-cancer effect on the body without toxic side effects. Toxins can be safely removed by MHG therapies, including lymphatic massage therapy, physical therapy, colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, chelation, pure water, customized anti-cancer diet, and targeted supplementation. The therapies also work to reduce inflammation which is associated with cancer and traditional cancer treatments. Traditional medicine uses high dose chemotherapy as a standard to help eliminate cancer cells. It is like a shotgun approach to destroying cancer cells. Unfortunately, the therapy can also damage healthy cells. Furthermore, large doses of chemotherapy can weaken the immune system, create anemia, and make people more susceptible to infections. After treatment, most traditional medicine doctors only continue to test for cancer without any rehabilitation of the immune system.


Who This Program Is For

Anyone who wants to have a very peaceful and supportive environment to recover after traditional cancer treatments or are at high risk from developing cancer can safely detoxify and restore your body back to optimal health and prevent future illness.

How Cancer Is Assessed the MHG Way

MHG uses the latest scientific advances in biotechnology, medical technologies and clinical preventive medicine for the early detection, prevention, treatment of cancer-related diseases. The functional medicine model aims to eradicate the root cause of cancer and to bring balance and optimal health back to the body.

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Metavectum Tumor Therapy Test

Adopting the advance medical technology, the test runs biopsy specimen from solid tumors to circulating tumor cells (CTCs) isolated from the blood of the client. By identifying 80 gene expressions of the transcriptome (messenger RNA molecules) of the tumor cells, it can generate accurate analysis of the gene mutation, protein levels and the tumor metabolism. The results from the Metavectum Tumor Therapy Test is resourceful information to tailor an optimised cancer therapy that is adapted to your individualized treatment profile.

Metavectum Predictive Diagnostic

A combination of 1H-NMR spectorometry and RT-PCR is used to detect early impairment of malfunctioning of metabolic biomarkers. Analysis on low molecular weight compounds and their corresponding enzymes provide a full picture of the metabolome. The test also tracks metabolic changes pre and post cancer treatment delivery, serving as an indicator in the event of cancer relapse or cachexia (Wasting syndrome).
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Ways to Support Recovery after Cancer Traditional Treatment Using MHG Functional Medicine

MHG experienced doctors use safe and effective therapies to allow your body to recover after cancer treatment and recreate an immune system to reduce the chances of cancer reoccurrence. They will use various therapies including:

  • Customized IV therapy – Used to support the immune system, eliminate cancer cells and enhance healing.
  • Immunoncology therapies such as NK Cell, Dendritic Cell Vaccine and GcMaf
  • Targeted anti-cancer supplements – Supports optimal nutrition and balances the immune system.
  • Mitochondria Therapy - Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. A growing number of papers by researchers around the world have implicated dysfunctional mitochondria in many diseases, including cancer and aging.
  • Individualized dietary plans – Certain foods can fuel cancers (e.g. sugars), we provide optimal nutrition to support your immune system and healing.
  • Mind-body wellness therapy – A great way to reduce stress and support immune function.
  • Gut health optimization - MHG will support the microbiome of the gut, which is 70 percent of the immune system.
  • Physical Therapy – Used to regain your strength and endurance after treatment.
  • Infrared sauna – A great therapy to detoxify your body and support immune function.
  • Oxygen therapy – Used to support tissue healing and detox.
  • Peptide therapy – Used to support the immune system and prevention of cancer.

Sign up for Our Cancer Treatment Program in 3 Easy Steps


Step 2 – Arrange a consultation with us


Step 3 – Receive your personalised medical plan and start treatment

How the MHG Cancer Recovery Program Works

Through preventive screenings, early disease detection, prompt intervention, optimal nutrition and anti-cancer therapies, our experienced physicians help customize the retreat to support all your health and wellbeing goals. The use of individualized nutrition, mind-body wellness therapy, safe detoxification, and anti-cancer therapy will support bringing your body back to optimal health.

Where You Can Go to Receive Treatment

You will receive personalized treatment by our expert medical team at our beautiful Koh Samui (Thailand) cancer recovery retreat.

Koh Samui Clinic

Learn More about the Miskawaan Cancer Recovery Program

Discover how cancer treatment with Dr. Wessolly and the Miskawaan Health Team can help you

What Is Included in the MHG Cancer Recovery Program

  • Private medical team consultation and individualized care plan
  • Innovative METAVECTUM testing and blood testing to assess treatment options
  • IV therapies based on medical consultation
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Mind-body wellness assessment and therapy
  • Personal training
  • Acupuncture
  • MHG coach to support experience
  • Luxurious private villa accommodations
  • Personalized organic meals, snacks and beverages
  • Staffed by doctors and nurses
  • Infrared saunas
  • Spa treatments
  • Educational classes
  • Cultural immersion
  • Water, beach and other activities
  • Pool
  • Yoga – indoor and outdoor
  • Meditation classes
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Access to all facilities and scheduled activities
  • Transfers from Koh Samui International Airport

Our Medical Specialist

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Wessolly is an expert in functional medicine where he combines natural therapy with cutting-edge diagnostics to create cancer treatment & cancer recovery plans. Dr. Wessolly is a highly sought-after speaker at specialist congresses & seminars and regularly conducts training programs for fellow doctors in Germany and Thailand.

Dr. Johannes Wessolly
Koh Samui Beach

How the MHG Rehabilitation Retreat Program Will Impact Your Lifestyle

Reversing the effects of cancer treatment often requires various therapies and lifestyle modification. Some cancers can take longer than others to heal depending on the type and severity. During your program at MHG, you will learn how to introduce and embrace new healthier ways of living.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment for any of our comprehensive diagnostics or for a private consultation with our doctors, please fill in your preferences in the booking options below.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment for any of our comprehensive diagnostics or for a private consultation with our doctors, please fill in your preferences in the booking options below.


Unidentified Tumour on Patient’s Scalp

Skin cancers are often visually distinct, so when attempting to identify them, it’s essential to understand all of the possibilities. Only a doctor can tell you if something is scalp cancer or another condition that is visually similar.

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