Cardiology Information Request Form

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  • We would like to draw your attention that we may require your medical reports, diagnosis and any other relevant information. With this information we can try to help you further.

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    Is there any chest discomfort? If yes...

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  • Family history Is there any history of cardiovascular disease in your family?

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        Accepted file types: pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, zip, Max. file size: 10 MB.
        • I confirm that the information provided in this questionnaire is an honest and realistic description of my/the patient's current health state. I understand that if my/the patient's health state on arrival differs significantly from the description given in this questionnaire, Miskawaan Health Group has the right to decline treatment and this may result in already paid costs not being refunded to me.

          Release and management of medical information: I understand that my medical information and records are kept confidential by Miskawaan Health Group.

          I agree and consent that Miskawaan Health Group may disclose all or any part of my medical records to a referring physician, hospital, clinic and/or medical center for the purpose of discharging their duties.

          I agree to release and hold harmless Miskawaan Health Group and its agent, representatives, employees from any and all liability associated with the disclosure of confidential patient information as authorized in this consent agreement and I do agree that Miskawaan Health Group is not responsible for the use or non-authorized disclosures of information by other to whom I have consented disclosures of my confidential information.

          I acknowledge that my medical information, treatment and all its history in kept in medical and electronic medical record. If I do not receive services or treatment from Miskawaan Health Group for 5 consecutive year, my medical records and other treatment records (including imaging records) may be deleted and/or destroy.

          I understand that this consent agreement will be valid and remain in effect as long as I am engaged with Miskawaan Health Group unless revoked by me in a written notice to the Authorized officer of Miskawaan Health Group.

          I certify that I have read and understand this consent agreement and accept all of its contents.

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