anti aging


Anti-aging Program in Thailand Anti-aging Program A state-of-the-art program to slow the aging process down to prevent disease as well as look and feel more youthful Enquire Now Enquire Now You Can Reverse the Progression of Aging Your biological age is not the same as your chronological age. MHG uses innovative testing to determine your …

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Autoimmune Program in Thailand Autoimmune Program An effective way to naturally treat autoimmune disorders and bring balance back to your body and life Enquire Now Enquire Now A Functional Medicine and Traditional Medicine View of Autoimmune Conditions MHG Functional Medicine addresses the root causes of autoimmunity. Our experienced medical doctors will do an in-depth assessment …

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Well Being Program

Well Being

Wellbeing Program in Thailand Wellbeing Program An effective way to support your emotional wellbeing and bring balance back to your body and life Enquire Now Enquire Now How We Develop Emotional Stress There can be many reasons that may cause emotional stress. Past emotional or physical traumas are a big factor in creating emotional stress. …

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Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases Program in Thailand Infectious Diseases Program An effective way to use natural therapies to eliminate infectious diseases from the body Enquire Now Enquire Now How We Get Infectious Diseases Infection occurs when viruses, bacteria, or other microbes enter your body and begin to multiply. Disease occurs when the cells in your body are …

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Immunotherapy Immunotherapy Miskawaan Health Group employs effective therapies to treat specific cancers. Enquire Now What Is Immunotherapy A healthy immune system is paramount in the destruction of unhealthy and diseased cells produced by toxic exposures. Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) uses various immunotherapies to effectively identify areas of immune weakness and support the body’s inherent defence …

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Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy Peptide Therapy Peptides are chains of amino acids linked together in a natural process to produce proteins Enquire Now What Is Peptide Therapy Peptide therapy is the targeted use of peptides to produce a specific therapeutic reaction in the body. Some peptides have been shown to assist with weight loss by stimulating the …

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IV Infusions

Miskawaan offer a very efficient and effective way to give your body the nutrients that it needs to support the healing process and prevent health challenges. IV Metabolic Infusion Therapy An efficient and effective way to give your body the nutrients it needs Enquire Now What is IV Metabolic Infusion Therapy? Miskawaan Health Group’s (MHG) …

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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy Ozone Therapy Ozone therapy helps stop the growth of harmful bacteria in the body Enquire Now What Is Ozone Therapy Ozone therapy increases the oxygen level in the blood in order to oxygenate the tissues in the whole body. It can be used to treat issues ranging from aging to chronic degenerative diseases. …

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