As hormone levels decline as we age, this can lead to daily unpleasant occurrences like mood swings.

Hormones and the menopause

Hormone imbalances can occur when you are undergoing a more profound hormonal change such as Menopause or Andropause.

In this blog, we address how hormonal imbalance can lead to the menopause and why they are vital in making us healthy.

Lastly, we also give tips on how to improve your hormonal health, so the symptoms of menopause are less severe.


Generally, there are two big milestones for hormonal changes in women; pregnancy and menopause.

Menopause is a normal, natural event defined as the final menstrual period. It represents the permanent cessation of menses resulting from loss of ovarian follicular function due to aging.

For women going through menopause – mood swings, hot flushes, dry skin, cognition problems, a disrupted menstrual cycle amongst other things are a daily unpleasant occurrence and a result of this age-related hormonal change.

Menopause symptoms

General symptoms

Psychological symptoms
Sexual symptoms
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Hormones matter

Hormones are vital in making us healthy. Hormones are biological messengers that travel the bloodstream to your organs and tissues. These messengers affect many of the body’s processes and are integral to overall health as they impact mental, physical, and sexual health on every level. There are many hormones our body produces, setting daily rhythms for optimal health.

When you get older, the level of sex hormones that the ovaries produce changes. Most people are not aware that your sex hormones, mainly estrogen and testosterone, have wide-ranging effects in the body, and are not only involved in reproduction. They affect more than just your sexual functions, but also your bones, brain, and blood vessels.

The level of estrogen normally decreases as we get older, but during menopause, it fluctuates. These irregular levels of estrogen can bring about the unpleasant symptoms of the Menopause that we described earlier. The changing levels of estrogen can cause night sweats and hot flushes, with a loss of energy and sleeping problems as a result. Therefore, it can reduce the occurrence of symptoms when you balance out your hormones .

How to improve your hormonal health during menopause?

At Miskawaan Health Group, we provide an in-depth diagnostic analysis of your health, and one of the things we look at is hormone levels. By running our meticulous laboratory testing regime and treating with bioidentical hormones, we can help to minimize established disease signals or risks, or even eliminate them altogether.

If your test results show hormonal imbalances (Menopause), our doctors will start you on a treatment plan to help balance out your hormones. This will most likely involve using bio-identical hormones either through oral supplements, our proprietary infusions, placenta or peptides injection, or transdermal care (skin cream). We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this treatment, with adjustment where needed.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is available in both synthetic and bio-identical forms. Both have their proponents and opponents for various reasons. Ideally, you have an excellent doctor who is an expert in hormone therapy to guide you in your quest towards better-sustained health by balancing your hormone levels.

A Treatment at Miskawaan Health Group, how does this work?

Hormone Therapy

A combination of our natural therapies such as IV infusions and organ peptides that help to alleviate symptoms in menopause seen in older women. Based on our diagnostics, our doctors will prescribe a treatment plan to help balance your hormones, in a bio-identical form that works best for your body.
1. Medical consultation
Start your journey with a 1-hour consultation with a medical doctor
2. Diagnostic tests
Then the doctor will conduct diagnostic tests based on the consultation
3. Treatment delivery

Your doctor will prescribe personalized MHG treatments

4. Follow-up care

Our medical team will follow up with you for 2-3 months after your treatment


“I went to see Dr Wessolly at Miskawaan Health Group because I had not been feeling myself and my regular doctors told me it was all in my head. I saw other naturopaths also. After screening, I was told that I had heavy metals, and needed to start detoxing. Doc Wes gave me a treatment plan that I have stuck too, and my heavy metals are decreasing. It’s a long road, but my health is improving. Thank you Doctor Wessolly and the Miskawaan Health Group Team. My previous doctors just didn’t have any solutions, and it was very frustrating. I am so glad I found you and your team. I feel like I am finally on the road to recovery.”

Gemma, 46,
Hong Kong

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