Hong Kong Immunity Program

The current viral pandemic has shown there are many possible ways to get infected by a contagious disease. People living in Hong Kong want to protect themselves and their loved ones from contracting and spreading disease, particularly if they leave their homes to go back to work or school.

There is no vaccine or proven medicine to protect against the current viral pandemic.
At Miskawaan, we practice functional medicine, and have shown that an optimized immune system can significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Our immune program has been created explicitly for these difficult times and includes our propriety treatments and therapies from Germany.

This program is for anyone who understands that our immune system is the best defense, particularly anyone who is considered high risk:

  • People with weak respiratory system
  • People who have a chronic disease or metabolic syndrome
  • People who have children and/or elders at home
  • People who are the financial pillar of the family and cannot afford to be sick
  • People who have poor lifestyles, such as heavy smoking, high consumption of alcohol, low physical activity, poor sleep, high-stress level, etc.

Over 98% of all fatalities of those who contracted the virus had a pre-existing medical condition.

What’s included in the MHG Immune Program?

Immune Program

$ 3700 HKD
  • Infusion: Vitamin C
  • Oral Supplements (1-month supply): Vitamin C 1,000 mg, Vitamin D 10,000 IU, Zinc 30mg
  • Unlimited access to health and wellbeing videos for one month.
  • Treatment Duration : 45-60 mins

** Two people coming together can enjoy a reduction of HKD 600. Usually, the price for two is $7400 HKD, now $6800 HKD for two.
**Three people coming together can enjoy a reduction of $1,200 HKD. Usually, the price for three is $11,100 HKD, now $9,900 HKD for three.

No assessment is needed everyone is eligible to receive the benefits of the program.

How do I become a client?

Step 1 – Complete the inquiry form
Step 2 – Arrange an appointment
Step 3 – Treatment at MHG HK clinic

Our Medical Specialist

Dr. Johannes Wessolly
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer


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