Miskawaan Health Group employs effective therapies to treat specific cancers.

What Is Immunotherapy

A healthy immune system is paramount in the destruction of unhealthy and diseased cells produced by toxic exposures. Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) uses various immunotherapies to effectively identify areas of immune weakness and support the body’s inherent defence system. By activating or suppressing the immune system, immunotherapy can be used to prevent and treat a wide range of health conditions, including heart disease, infection and cancer.

Who benefits from Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy can benefit people facing a wide range of health challenges, as well as those seeking preventative healthcare. Maintaining a healthy immune system is your most effective defense against illness. MHG’s customized immunotherapy treatments can help to activate and modulate your immune system so that it disposes of diseased and unhealthy cells effectively.

How Immunotherapy Works

At MHG, our experienced doctors will assess your specific health concerns and use innovative testing to determine the best treatment for you. Immunotherapy may factor into your treatment program in order to support your immune system and expedite the healing process. Here are some of the key types of immunotherapy offered at MHG.

NK Cell Therapy

NK cells are a type of white blood cell and a component of the innate (nonspecific) immune system. They are very proficient at destroying cancer cells and clearing them from the bloodstream. NK Cell Therapy can be used together with surgery or chemotherapy to destroy the cancer cells which are left in the body. It can also reduce cancer recurrence and shorten the duration of recurrence more effectively than other therapies. At the same time, NK Cell Therapy can help to regenerate the immune system following aggressive drug or chemical treatments, which in turn can reduce infection rates.

Dendritic Cell (DC) Vaccine Therapy

The goal of DC vaccination is to “educate” the patient’s immune system to identify and remove diseased and unhealthy cells by generating functional antigen-specific T-cells (white blood cells). Immunosurveillance describes the crucial role of the immune system in the detection and elimination of both pathogens and cancer cells. DC vaccines are a particularly attractive option for immunotherapy due to their low toxicity, non-invasive procedure and the potential to induce long-term effects through immunological memory.

The Benefits of Immunotherapy

  • Balance the immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Modulate hormones
  • Create cytotoxicity to Tumours
  • Prevent angiogenesis (spreading of cancer)
  • Reduce side effects from chemotherapy
  • Induce apoptosis (cancer cell death)
  • Support DNA methylation and epigenetics
  • Inhibit arteriosclerosis
  • Train the immune system
  • Help with regeneration after chemotherapy
  • Lessen susceptibility to infection
  • Treat chronic immunological diseases
  • Remedy allergies and food intolerances
  • Reboot the Metabolic Immune System

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