Welcome to Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Centre

We are at the forefront of integrative and functional oncology medicine, offering a comprehensive range of diagnostic screening, latest immunotherapies and patent therapies from our dedicated treatment and recovery centre in Thailand.

Supported by a worldwide network of clinics in Germany, Hong Kong and Austria, our aim is to build a lifelong relationship free from cancer enjoying a high quality of life during and after treatment. We recognize the complexity of the human body as one biological system, treating the root causes of cancer and supporting you throughout your recovery during your time with us and when you return home.

A cancer diagnosis can be a life changing event. Beating cancer is always the priority and we believe you can not only survive but can thrive after treatment.
Our integrative approach means that we are able to treat the body as a whole, launching a comprehensive drive against the disease and promoting lifelong wellbeing.
Our unique approach allows us to understand the very nature and causes of the cancer, allowing us to manufacture individual medicines that will have the maximum effect.

Our tailored protocols are designed to:

  • Reduce side-effects and increase the effectiveness of treatments.
  • Offer a safe and proven integrative cancer treatment program.
  • Rebuild your weakened immune system to regain complete health.

Miskawaan clinics are among few that offer this multidisciplinary approach to oncology, and are renowned for the compassionate and respectful way in which all services are delivered.

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The Miskawaan Experience

At Miskawaan we really understand that to completely heal from cancer, we have to approach it with thorough medicinal intervention as well as therapeutic recovery. To that end, our medical centers in Bangkok and Koh Samui address just that need.

Bangkok Treatment Centre

If you have a current cancer diagnosis, you will be invited to join us in Bangkok for the start of your treatment at our state of the art facility.
Our aim, during your stay in Bangkok is to stop the tumor from growing and to stabilize your condition through a comprehensive integrative medical intervention, supervised by our medical team with access to the latest treatments, therapies and protocols.

Koh Samui Clinic

Koh Samui Health Rehabilitation and Immunity Centre

Our facility on the Thai tropical island of Koh Samui is the perfect location for you to heal from cancer. Following our comprehensive integrated medical approach in Bangkok, it is now time to rebuild the immune system to complete the healing from cancer and to create a body where cancer cannot reoccur. Our Koh Samui facility is a beachfront medical center complete with private villas, pools, gym, yoga sala and plenty of areas to rest and recuperate. Treatments include the latest immunotherapies, detox therapies, exercise, personalized anti-cancer diet, emotional wellbeing and education.


Up to 80% of the chemotherapy treatments used in traditional cancer treatment do not show the intended success with the treated patients. This is based on the fact that standard therapies do not consider the individuality of the respective cancer tumor or of the patient and consequently the administered drugs work unspecific and ineffective.
Miskawaan uses the very latest in early detection and tumor therapy tests to ensure we know the exact profile of the tumor and patient allowing us to create the individualised medicines and other protocols that will be the most effective.

Metavectum Tumor Therapy Test

Adopting the advance medical technology, the test runs biopsy specimen from solid tumors to circulating tumor cells (CTCs) isolated from the blood of the client. By identifying 80 gene expressions of the transcriptome of the tumor cells, it can generate accurate analysis of the gene mutation, protein levels and the tumor metabolism.
The results from Metavectum Tumor Therapy Test is a resourceful information to tailor an optimised cancer therapy that is adapted to your profile.

Metavectum Predictive Diagnostic

A combination of 1H-NMR spectorometry and RT-PCR is used to detect early impairment of malfunctioning of metabolic biomarkers.
Analysis on low molecular weight compounds and their corresponding enzymes provide a full picture of the metabolome.
The test also tracks metabolic changes pre and post treatment delivery, serving as an indicator in the event of relapse or cachexia.

Research, Development and Manufacturing

We are one of the world’s leading integrative clinics ensuring cutting-edge medical technologies are adopted in the phases of cancer screening and treatments.
As a member of Miskawaan Health Group, our oncology center in Thailand is the only one in Asia that creates individualised medicines that are unique to your physiological profile, enabling maximum effectiveness and minimum to no side effects.
We have been collaborating with healthcare elites, experienced doctors, scientists and laboratories from around the world for years providing access to the latest diagnostic tools and treatments protocols from Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Our Specialist Oncologist

Dr. Johannes Wessolly
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Wessolly is an expert in functional medicine where he combines natural therapy with cutting-edge diagnostics to create prevention treatment plans. Dr. Wessolly is a highly sought-after speaker at specialist congresses & seminars and regularly conducts training programs for fellow doctors in Germany and Thailand.

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