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8 Reasons to Consider a Wellbeing Retreat

We live in an increasingly stressful world and many people are looking for something more than just a change of scenery when they take a vacation.

We’re conscious about the importance of health, so it’s no surprise that wellness tourism, particularly in locations such as Thailand, has seen a rise in demand amongst people from all corners of the world.

Today we can travel to new and exotic locations and get some long-lasting health benefits at the same time.

What is Wellness Tourism?

There are a few terms to understand here, all of which have become increasingly popular over the last few decades.

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  • Medical tourism is where an individual goes abroad to receive treatment for a health condition. For example, they might stay at a specialist heart or cancer treatment facility. It can also be used for determining overall health through various medical testing.

  • Wellness tourism involves visiting a location to take advantage of a dedicated fitness or wellbeing regime. It might be a yoga retreat in India or a spa treatment hotel in Thailand. These tourists normally take part in a fairly strict or preplanned regime that could include a specialized diet and exercise program.

  • Medical wellness tourism combines the attributes of both medical and wellness tourism. They carry out tests, for example, looking for markers relating to preventable diseases and then provide options for lifestyle changes or other healthcare approaches. The Miskawaan centre in Koh Samui is a prime example of a wellbeing retreat in Thailand, focusing on medical wellness

Reasons to Consider a Wellbeing Retreat

There are many types of wellbeing and wellness retreats around the world and many of them adopt one of the three models above. While they offer different things depending on their setup, planning a wellness vacation has numerous benefits whatever an individual chooses to do:

1. Long-lasting Health Benefits

Spending time at a wellbeing retreat gives individuals the chance to recharge their batteries and adopt healthy living in a supportive environment. It can be difficult to start a healthier regime at home where there are so many distractions.

Wellbeing retreats also benefit people with certain health problems such as obesity, diabetes, chronic back pain and arthritis. Changes that are made during a health retreat provide a stepping stone to a more balanced life and can have numerous long-lasting benefits.

2. A New Approach to Travel and Good Health

Wellness tourism is becoming more popular as people see the benefits of being able to travel abroad and adopt new, healthy practices and habits. People who go on traditional vacations often return home more stressed and unhealthy than when they left.

Rather than sitting poolside in the sun, sipping cocktails, or partying all night, spending a few weeks in peaceful surroundings and adopting healthier lifestyle habits is seen by many as a much better option.

Wellness retreat in Koh Samui

3. Break Old Habits

Habits like smoking, drinking and eating unhealthily can be difficult to tackle when we are at home. Wellness retreats can be used to break old habits in a supportive environment and even adopt new habits that make a difference to future health and wellbeing.

4. Focus on Relaxation

One of the biggest health issues for people these days is stress and coping with it is not easy. Wellness retreats can show people how to relax with lifechanging practices such as breath meditation and yoga.

Relaxation techniques improve all aspects of health, including helping to get a good night’s sleep so that they wake refreshed and full of energy.

5. Improve Dietary Habits

Poor dietary habits, such as consuming too much sugar or generally eating too much can have a huge impact on personal health. Over time, bad food choices can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes and a constant lack of energy.

Wellness retreats focus on diet and ensure that customers get the right nutrients and fresh foods that are good for their health.

6. Peaceful Surroundings

Most wellness retreats pay special attention to the surroundings on offer to their guests who come to visit. It’s easier to turn attention to health and wellbeing if the location is peaceful and free from stress.

7. A Change from Routine

Whether someone works in a high-powered job, is bringing up a big family, dealing with a major health issue or are worried about life in general, the routine that they create around their normal life can be damaging.

A visit to a wellness retreat offers the opportunity to change that routine, step back and look at life in a whole new and positive way.

8. Meet New, Like-minded People

While some may not want to socialize during their wellness vacation, they can provide a great opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded people who are trying to improve their health and have their own story to tell.

Planning a vacation at a wellness retreat has huge benefits for personal health. Rather than returning to work still stressed out, people can recharge their batteries, repair their health and wellbeing and return with renewed energy for life and a different, positive perspective.